2-dimentional Laser Displacement SensorsLS Series


Line beam for fast, accurate measuring of height and width

  • Linearity of ±0.1% F.S.
  • Sampling period of 0.5 ms (max. speed)
  • 2-dimensional measurements at a significantly low cost
LS Series

Easy setup

Easy Setup

The LS series can be confi gured in four easy steps: camera imaging, area measurement and area calculation, and result judgment and output.

  • Easy setup PC software
    LS-Navigator (included with delivery)

    With delivery, the LS series comes with software that lets you easily confi gure settings from a PC.

    • Easy configuration of capturing area and measurement area settings
    • All settings can be configured via RS-485 communication
    • Profiles can also be output with high precision
    • No need for expensive dedicated displays

    *PC connector cable (optional) required separately.

Storage function

Measurement result and “Profile + Measurement result” can be stored and those data can be sent to PC through RS-485 communication. All the sampling data can be obtained regardless of the communication speed, and by using the LS-Navigator, it is possible to obtain data without the use of programs.
Because obtained data can be saved in CSV format, it can be accessed using spreadsheet software, etc.