High-performance Multi-unit Laser Displacement SensorsCD5 Series


Next level integration of accuracy, stability, and operability

  • Highest-in-class repeat accuracy and linearity
  • Measurement is possible using only the sensor head
  • Control unit for use with Mitsubishi Electric PLC is available
CD5 Series

Featuring superb linearity of ±0.05% F.S.*
Can be used to perform stable measurement of various types of workpieces.

  • Highest-in-class repeat accuracy and linearity

    Superb linearity of ±0.05% F.S.* (catalog specifi cations, target workpiece: white ceramic). CD5 series also can be used on materials for which stable measurement can be diffi cult such as SUS and black rubber, and provide a smooth linearity curve.

  • Measurement is possible using only the sensor head 

    The sensor head features a built-in displacement measurement function. Measured value output by way of RS-422, as well as laser OFF input/ synchronous input can be controlled without use of an amplifier unit.

Direct connection to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs

  • Displacement sensor control unit UQ1-01

    A control unit for use with CD5 series displacement sensors that performs automatic recognition just by being connected to a MELSEC-Q series base unit has been newly developed. This is a revolutionary product that can be set up by anyone and which features high-speed data processing and a low cost.