Through-beam Edge Laser SensorsTD1 Series


Edge Position Measurement for Any Workpiece

  • Suitable for edge measurement and width/gap measurement
  • Light axis alignment function for easy installation
  • Easily readable amplifier unit

    Sold separately: CDA-DM2

TD1 Series
The TD1 series is ideal for equipment where edge control is required, such as for measurement of the end surfaces of components or sheet materials.
Through-beam edge sensor TD1 series devices use a CMOS sensor as the light receiving element, allowing for highly accurate edge position measurement of end surfaces.
The measurement method used in a TD1 series product can be changed to suit the inspection application, such as when measuring the width of small electronic components or the gaps between rollers.

Easy Light Axis Alignment

  • In Direction Checking mode, the indicator will flash when the light axis is misaligned, notifying that the alignment should be checked.
    This makes it easier to check the light axis when installing sensors or during periodic maintenance.

Compact Design

  • The compact size of the sensor head allows for easy installation even for devices with limited space. This makes it possible to keep equipment as small as possible.