Small Housing Laser TypeZ-L Series


Industry Standard Size Laser Sensor

  • Cost effective like LED light sensor
  • Class 1 laser level for thru-beam type
  • IP67 rating
Z-L Series
  • Thru-Beam type

  • Diffuse type

  • Retro Reflective type

  • Class 2/Class II IEC, FDA Regulation

    Conforms to Class 2 (IEC) and Class II (FDA) regulations.
    (Class 1 for Thru-beam type)

  • Thru-beam type,ZT-L series

    30mm spot size at 30 meter sensing distance

  • 250μsec response

    Good for fast moving objects.

  • Diffuse Reflective,ZD-L type

    Fine 2mm spot at 400mm sensing distance

  • Cross-talk prevention

    2 sensors can be mounted side-by-side.

  • Retro Reflective,ZR-L type

    10mm spot size at 10 meter sensing distance

  • IP67 rating

    Hose it down!
    Water-tightness is tested to IP67.