Displacement Sensor Communication UnitsUQ1 Series


Can be connected to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs!
The industry’s first displacement sensor control unit

  • With three industry firsts, this unit enables high-speed connection of displacement sensors!
  • Easy connection and set up.
UQ1 Series
UQ1 Series

With three industry firsts, this unit enables high-speed connection of displacement sensors!

  • Internal automatic processing

    No load on the CPU

    The UQ1 obtains measured values from the displacement sensor automatically and updates calculation results and judgment in periods with maximum speed of 100μs(UQ1-01)500μs(UQ1-02).
    These processes are performed by the UQ1 unit itself so there is no load on the CPU.

    Equipped with I/O terminal

    High-speed response up

    By equipping I/O terminals (2 each) to the UQ1, highspeed response times of max. 100μs(UQ1-01)500μs(UQ1-02) have been achieved independent of the CPU scan times.

Infrared communication between UQ1s

  • High-speed unique infrared communication “FIrST”

    UQ1 units can communicate through “FIrST” infrared communication which was originally developed for the UQ1 series.
    Calculations such as adding values from displacement sensor connected to other units can be processed at maximum speed of 100 μs.

Easy connection and set up.

  • Communication setup is not needed

    UQ1 series is recognized simply by installing on the MELSEC-Q series base unit with no communication setup required.
    Unit setup is not necessary, nor is displacement sensor communication setup.

  • Easy-to-read LED display

    Although only the communication status was displayed in the case of conventional general-purpose communication units, UQ1 series models feature a greatly expanded display that enable the following statuses to be confirmed.

  • Software with intuitive operation

    Dedicated software “UQ1 Navigator” is now available (free-of-charge). Easily access the intuitive software, change the setup parameters and check the measurement status without knowledge of PLC and ladder programming.

  • Touch panel is also easy to use

    Data for GOT touch panels and sample ladder data are also available. Operation confirmation can be performed just by installing the sample data. Also, because the UQ1 features an embedded storage function, saving and batch acquisition of all measurement data is possible.