Potentiometer typeV2RF series


Simple & cost effective

  • Potentiometer type
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Mounting holes for M3 screws
V2RF series
  • Mounting holes

    Features mounting holes for M3 screws. This enables the amplifier to be mounted without use of a DIN rail or mounting bracket.

  • Degree of protection: IP66

    Featuring an IP66 structure uncommon for fiber-amplifiers. Can be used without worry in factories or with devices in which contact with water occurs.

  • Cable and connector type

    Both a cost-effective cable type, as well as a connector type that does not require wiring when replacing sensors, are available.

  • Simple control panel

  • Potentiometer with indicator

    Features an 8-turn potentiometer. Adjustment to the optimal sensitivity is possible even for applications that require fine adjustments.
    Also, if the potentiometer is turned multiple times, the current sensitivity will be difficult to ascertain. However, because the V2RF is equipped with a sensitivity indicator, it’s easy to see how much sensitivity is being adjusted.

  • OFF Delay Timer

    Equipped with an OFF delay timer fixed at 40 ms. By extending the pulse width to 40 ms or more, input is possible even for input devices that cannot receive short ON/OFF signals.

    Long range detection

    With the V2RF series, long range detection is achieved even though it has the same 250 μs response time as the conventional model.

  • Sensing distance comparison

      Model of fiber-unit Sensing distance of
    conventional model
    Sensing distance of V2RF Comparison to
    conventional model
    Diffuse-reflective type NF-DS06
    (M3, Standard)
    45 mm 60 mm 30% UP
    (M3, Coaxial)
    55 mm 90 mm 60% UP
    (M4, UP to 200℃)
    200 mm 300 mm 50% UP
    Through-beam type NF-TB02
    (M3, Standard)
    450 mm 610 mm 35% UP
    (φ3, Flexible)
    360 mm 540 mm 50% UP
    (M4, UP to 200℃)
    220 mm 410 mm 85% UP