Stainless-steel Housing SensorsBGS-ZM Series


Excellent water resistance/ oil resistance!
Suitable for automobiles, machine tools and food industry

  • Equipped with a distance adjustment to enable distance setting
  • Employs a low deterioration 4 element red LED for the Light source
  • Degree of protection: IP69K (cable type), Equivalent to IP69g (connector type)
BGS-ZM Series

Tough against oil and coolant!
Cost effective sensor with excellent oil resistance

  • Equipped with distance adjustment

    Long-distance measurement is possible

    Equipped with a distance adjustment, unusual for an oil-resistant/IP69K compliant BGS sensor. Because distance adjustments are performed using a potentiometer and not the sensor mounting position, time can be saved and designs can be made more flexible.

  • Employs a newly developed high-brightness 4 element LED

    High detection stability

    Equipped with a newly developed 4 element red LED Light source. In addition to minimizing the decreases in emitted light that occur over time, it is also tolerant againstdust and fine particles.

Cable type features a degree of protection on IP69K

Achieved an IP69K degree of protection that is tough against humidity, water, steam cleaning, etc. Sensor features a tough design that doesn’t break even when exposed to high-pressure washing on food processing machinery or when used in severe environments. Of course, it has also clear IP67.

  • What is IP69K?

    IP69K is a protection rating stipulated by German standard DIN40050 Part 9.

    Test details:

    Sensors are placed on a turntable and rotated 5 times per minute while being sprayed with water under the following conditions.

    Water pressure: 80 to 100 bar
    Flow rate: 14 to 16 l/m
    Water temperature: +80℃ / -5℃
    Distance from spray nozzle: 100 to 150 mm
    Spray angle: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
    Spray time: 30 seconds at each angle

    *IP69K does not guarantee operation under the above conditions. Water or oil that adhere to the optical surface could cause light to refract and prevent detection from being performed correctly.
    *Excluding connector type and reflector.