Stainless Steel Housing TypeZ-M Series


Highly Water and Oil Resistant for Automotive, Machinery and Foods Industry

  • IP69K: Highly water resistant
  • Tough structure for food processing line needs washing with high temperature and high pressure water
  • Achieves long sensing distance
  • 8 turn sensitivity adjustment potentiometer (BGS type)
Z-M Series

IP69K protection

IP69K is an rating of German standard DIN 40050-9 extends the IEC 60529 rating system for high-pressure, hightemperature wash-down applications.

  • Test condition:
    A sensor on the turn table that rotates 5 times per minutes.
    Pressure: 80~100bar
    Flow rate: 14~16 litre/minute
    Temperature: +80℃ / -5℃
    Distance from nozzle: 100~150mm
    Nozzle angle: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
    Testing period: 30sec per every angle
    * IP69K doesn’t mean to guarantee that the sensor works under the
    test condition above. The sensor won’t work correctly when the lens
    gets wet and the light is refracted.

High-pressure, high-temperature, detergent wash-down resistant Tough structure

Longest sensing distance in the class

High brightness LED by 4 element enables longest sensing distance in the class.

8 turn sensitivity adjustment (BGS Type)

  • 8 turn sensitivity adjustment potentiometer helps easy mounting and easy position adjustment.