Long-range TOF SensorsTOF-3V Series


Long Sensing Distance Sensor

  • TOF, Time Of Flight, method forms the technical basis for maximum reliability and high precision
  • Immune to object color and angle
TOF-3V Series
  • Super tight hysteresis (Diffuse-reflective)

    Optex FA’s skill in TOF technology design provides super tight hysteresis between black and white objects (2% at 3 m distance)

  • Crosstalk prevention-2pcs MAX.

    Up to 2pcs can be mounted side by side.

Dual laser system

  • The sensor uses two laser diodes in order to compensate for temperature drift of the laser pulse rise time. One laser diode is inside the case and emits directly to a receiver element. The other emits on the outside of the case. By compensating for the time difference between the two laser pulses , the time measurement remains consistent regardless of temperature changes.