Accurate Time Of Flight BGS TypeTOF-3V Series


Long Sensing Distance BGS Sensor

  • TOF, Time Of Flight, is one of methods to measure the distance by measuring time to the object
  • TOF sensor can measure the distance to the object regardless its color and angle
TOF-3V Series

TOF with 2mm resolution

The TOF sensing method provides very accurate sensing that is not affected by background and target color. At a sensing distance of 3meters (black 6%) the repeat accuracy is only 2mm.

Super tight hysteresis

  • Optex FA's skill in TOF technology design provides super tight hysteresis between black and white objects (2% at a 3 meter distance)

Crosstalk prevention-2pcs MAX.

  • Up to 2pcs can be mounted side by side

Dual laser system

  • The sensor uses two laser diodes in order to compensate for temperature drift of the laser pulse rise time. One laser diode is inside the case and emits directly to a receiving diode. The other emits on the outside of the case.
    By compensating for the time difference between the two laser pulses , the time measurement remains consistent regardless of temperature changes.

  • World's top stability

    TOF series sensor released by Optex FA maintains emission power without being influenced by temperature increase from continuous use.
    World's top stability is achieved.

  • 2 output type with individual thresholds

    It has two potentiometers so the distance threshold for each output can be adjusted individually.

12-turn potentiometer (Retro reflective) for fine adjustment

12 turn potentiometer is built-in on Retro Reflective type for precise adjustment.
(4 turn potentiometer on Diffuse reflective type)