Fiber SensorBRF/BGF Series


Easy sensitivity adjustments without the use of tools

BRF/BGF Series


Standard, high-speed, mark detection and water detection type amplifiers are available to meet various applications. Cable types and connector types are available for all models.

  • Standard type


    Optimal long range detection

  • High-speed type


    Detects up to 10,000 objects per second with a fast response of 50μs.

  • Mark detection type


    Subtle two-color discrimination is possible with the green LED.

  • Through-beam type fiber unit NF-TW01

    Sensing distance max. 100 mm

    Detection of chemicals in transparent bottles

  • Diffuse type fiber unit NF-DW01

    Sensing distance max. 30 mm

    Detection of adhesives

10-turn potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment that can be turned using fingers

  • Features a 10-turn potentiometer for sensitivity adjustments that enables adjustments to be made easily, even when fine adjustments are necessary. Also, because it can be turned by fingers, there is no need to concern about screw threads will become damaged by screwdrivers, causing sensitivity adjustments to no longer be possible.

  • Large indicators

    Equipped with large indicators to enable easy confirmation of sensor operation status, even from far away.

  • Cost-effective line-up

    Highly water resistant: IP66

    Cleared the IP66 requirements for fiber-type amplifiers. Expands the possibilities in which sensors can be used in wet environments.