Small Displacement Sensor With Digital Display TypeCD22 Series


One of the World's Smallest Displacement Sensor with Amplifier Built-in

  • Innovative size! Fits in any machine
  • Performance like High end
  • Repeatability 1μm
CD22 Series
CD22 Series

One of the world's smallest displacement sensors

  • This is enabled by:
    ・ Dedicated hybrid lens
    ・ Original all in one technology
    ・ High quality feedback circuitry

Ideal for robot mounting

  • Installing into machinery is the most suitable application.
    ・ Small and light weight
    ・ Small temperature drift
    ・ All in one

High Accuracy enabled by “Tri-CORE”:

・ Digital sub-pixel processing
・ High resolution electric shutter
・ Automatic sampling function

  • Automatic sampling function

    In addition to standard feedback, received light to laser power, CD22 has Automatic sampling function which enables stable measurement of metal surface and also black material by adjusting sampling speed.

  • Alarm - Hold and Clamp

    CD22 can neglect small holes on the PWB by “Hold and Clamp” function.
    This is good for detecting objects with rough surface.

  • Easy to see digital panel

    ・ 4 Digit display in small housing
    ・ Easy setup by 4 buttons
    ・ Functions are like high-end

  • Digital sub-pixel processing
    Accurate profile reproduction

    The linearity has been improved to more than twice that of a conventional product by digital sub-pixel processing. This divides one pixel into 65536 subpixels.

  • High resolution electric shutter
    Automatic level correction

    A high resolution electric shutter that can be controlled to 1/485th of the sampling period helps to insure stable peak level detection even when unstable surface conditions exist.

  • Original algorithm
    For uneven and varied luster object

    Even if the object is translucent or its surface is uneven, it can detect the position of the true peak thanks to the original OPTEX FA designed algorithm.