Universal Voltage LED BGS SensorsBGS-2V Series


Standard BGS model A renewal of the BGS-V series

  • Dual lens achieves long range detection
  • Maximum sensing distance of 1 m
  • Universal voltage type that eliminates the need to choose power supply
BGS-2V Series
  • Output status and stability can be
    checked at a glance

    Easy-to-see dual indicators 

    • In place of the (red) light receiving indicators of the conventional model, the new type has both output indicators (orange) and stability indicators (green). Now it’s possible to confirm not only the sensor output but also the detection stability.

  • Can be used with any voltage

    • Relay for universal voltage type 

      • Equipped with an IP67 relay that has obtained VDE standard certification. The sensor also conforms to IP67 and the relay inner structure features double dust- and water-resistance. In addition, contact point capacity has been increased to 3 A (at 250 VAC).

Dual lens achieves long range detection

  • Long range type (BGS-2V100☐)

    Because a dual lens is used, LED light is condensed by two lenses.
    For that reason, stable light is emitted, making long-range detection possible.

  • For improved maintenance

    Pivot type M12 connector

    • A connector type convenient for replacing sensors or only cables during maintenance is also available. Ideal for use in cleanrooms where the usage of items such as tools is undesirable.

  • Easy adjusting

    Finely adjustable 2-turn potentiometer

    • Features a wide distance adjustment range to enable fine distance determinations to be made. Since these models also come with indicators, the adjustment position can be confirmed at a glance.

  • Water resistant structure

    Degree of protection on IP67

    • Achieves a IP67 level of water resistance. Can be used without worry in factories or with devices in which contact with water occurs.
      Note: Water or oil that adhere to the optical surface could cause light to refract and prevent detection from being performed correctly.