Transparency Detection TypeKR-Q/SR-Q Series


Best Seller Transparency Detection Sensor

  • Stable detection at close position of the sensor
  • Easy alignment by visible red light beam
  • Narrow light beam design enables detection through small gap
KR-Q/SR-Q Series

KR-Q series

  • Stainless steel housing.

    The stainless steel housing helps to protect the sensor against mechanical damage if it is struck by passing objects.

  • Built-in mounting nuts.

    The built-in mounting nuts make installation easy and efficient, the problem of damaged threads due to over-tightening has been eliminated.

Surpasses the VDE standard for electrical noise immunity.

  • The noise resistant internal circuitry is designed in accordance with the strict VDE standard.

    Further, in-house Feilen Noise testing assures high reliability and compliance with international standards.

Case and housing

SR-Q series

  • Stable detection of transparent objects.

    PET bottles with any design / configuration are easily detected. The material of the bottle does not matter.

    Glass plates for flat panel display can be detected also.

  • High durability to ambient noise

    The sensor is designed to be resistant to electrical noise from relay contacts, inverters, electromagnetic fields, static,etc. The In-house testing (Failen Test) exceeds the IEC standard.

  • Rigid mechanics

    100G standard, tough enough to resist mechanical shock and vibration.