SUS Protector and Small LED SensorsKR-Q/SR-Q Series


Industry's standard of transparent object detection sensor

  • Stable detection even at close distances
  • Visible red spot light
  • Narrow view design which makes detecting through gaps possible
KR-Q/SR-Q Series
  • Stable detection even at close distances

    Built-in QX circuit (KR-Q50NW)

    Stable detection of transparent objects such as film or glass bottles close to the sensor. There is also a refracted light eliminate function to enhance detection of plastic bottles.

  • Narrow view design which makes detecting through gaps possible


    In addition to a long distance detection of 500 mm, transparent workpieces can also be reliably detected from small holes and gaps.

  • Surpasses the IEC standards

    Built-in on-site noise countermeasure circuit (KR-Q series)

    • Noise level standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have been cleared. Additionally, company standards (Feilen Test) further improve reliability against on-site noise.

  • Visible red spot light

    High brightness spot light adopted

    • The red spot is always clear, without being influenced by the distance adjustment. The reflector shines in red when light axes match, greatly improving work efficiency.

  • For improved maintenance

    Connector type also available

    • A connector type convenient for replacing sensors or just cables during maintenance is also available. Ideal for use in cleanrooms where the usage of items such as tools is undesirable.

  • Long range detection of 1 m or more is also possible

    Sensing distance: Max. 2.5 m (KR-Q300NW)

    A type with an exceptional sensing distance of 2.5 m is also available. Can be used efficiently without changing the step, etc., even when installed on large equipment.

  • Stable even in locations with small mounting space

    Small type (SR-Q50NW)

    • Downsized even further than conventional sizes. Stands out in locations with a short sensing distance but small mounting space.