Digital Fiber AmplifiersD4RF/D4IF Series


Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Use,
Digital Fiber Sensor Amplifiers

  • Easy-to-read OLED display
  • Fiber insertion indicators for instant verification
  • Large LED indicators for excellent visibility
  • Contributes to smart factories with IO-Link support

    Short-range/High accuracy type
    Infrared light source type
D4RF/D4IF Series
Enhanced Operability with Updated User Interfaces
Not only hardware updates of highly visible OLED display and large LED indicators, but also new user-friendly functions, such as hold display of received light amounts and fiber insertion indicators have greatly improved operation of high functional fiber sensors.
In addition to these features, IO-Link compatibility allows this new generation fiber amplifier to meet the needs of smart factories.
➊ Easy-to-read OLED display
In addition to clear and detailed detection status and values displayed on the OLED display, the setting menu can be displayed in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese or Spanish.
Stretch display mode of
received light amount
Displayed values of threshold and received light amounts can be set to be multiplied by 10 or 50 for easier perception.
Be magnified by 10 or 50, for easier perception.
➋ Fiber insertion indicators for
     instant verification
You can tell at a glance whether fiber wires are inserted in the correct positions.
➌ Large LED Indicators
Three-dimensional indicators provide operators with superb visibility of sensor status from a distance.
➍ Larger Buttons for
     Secure Operation
Larger buttons with the tilted top shape help operators easy setting of parameters.
➎ Cover with wide
     opening angle
The cover opens up 180°, keeping it out of the way of the buttons.
In addition, the display is clearly visible because the cover hides only the buttons.
  •  OLED display and easy to open and close

  •  Hold display and received light amount
           stretch display mode

  •  Fiber insertion indicators

  •  Easy teaching

Hold Display

  • Amounts of received light can be set to display at peak/bottom values.
    This makes you easier to grasp exact values of detection to adjust a threshold with correct operation margin.

Batch setting to connect amplfiers

  • Max. 16 units of fiber amplifier can be connected.
    Settings such as "Copy to all", "Zeroing all" and "All teach" are copied from the main unit to the expansion units as a batch.

Enhanced Detection in a Long Distance

  • High-power LEDs in combination with a lens designed for efficiency has increased the sensing distance.
    This ensures detection that is stable and resistant to dust and contamination.

Fast response time

  • Response time can be selected from 6 speed modes, as fast as 16 μs.