IO-Link GatewayUC2 Series


Gateway unit to connect fiber sensors or
displacement sensor amplifiers to IO-Link Master

  • Max. 16 units of fiber sensor amplifier or 8 units of displacement sensor amplifier can be connected.
  • Fiber sensor amplifiers or displacement sensor amplifiers can be mixed connected.
  • Compact design, same size as fiber amplifier
UC2 Series

IO-Link Gateway

Some fiber sensors and displacement sensors have communication functions, but they cannot be connected to IO-Link as they are because of different communication standards and methods.
Using IO-Link gateway UC2-IOL, fiber and displacement sensors that cannot communicate via IO-Link can be connected to IO-Link Master.

Connecting UC2 to CDA Series and D3RF/D3WF/D4RF Series

When inter-connection the UC2 to displacement sensor amplifiers CDA Series and D3RF/D3WF/D4RF Series fiber amplifiers, connect CDA, D4RF, D3WF, and D3RF in this order from the side closer to the UC2.
(It is possible to connect D4RF, CDA, D3WF, and D3RF in that order as well.)

  • Compact design, same size as fiber amplifier

    Compact design: W10.5 x D68.9 x H33.2 mm
    It can be installed in a control panel in a space-saving manner.