Low Cost / Transparency Detection TypeZ3R-Q/ZR-QX Series


Cost Efficient Type and Co-axial Retro-reflective Type are Available

  • Long sensing distance up to 2m
  • Easy beam alignment by visible red LED
  • Industry standard size
Z3R-Q/ZR-QX Series

Retro-Reflective with Coaxial LED
The best for transparent Plastic / Glass detection

Coaxial LED source gives extremely tight alignment to the target.
Alignment of sensor is easy thanks to bright projected LED spot.
250 μsec fast response (ZR-X, coaxial beam type)
World's standard model ZR-Q (general type) and ZR-QX (coaxial beam type)for Plastic and Glass applications.


  • Zero dead area (ZR-QX series)!

    The sensor has no dead area in the sensing field. This makes it ideal for use on conveyors where the position of the target changes.

  • Good selection of sensors for various types of bottles.

    Glass and plastic bottles come in various shapes / sizes and with many different contours which require testing in the field to determine the best sensor for the application.

    The Z series is offered with both Co-axial and Conventional LED light sources to provide a solution for the detection of any bottle type.

  • Repeat Accuracy (ZR-QX series)

    Very tight Repeat Accuracy, 0.2 - 0.3mm for BGS type. Even Thru-beam and Retro types have 0.3mm Repeat Accuracy(*).

    *=Tested at the middle point of sensing range.

  • Coaxial LED (ZR-QX series)

    Coaxial LED light source provides extremely tight alignment to the target, Alignment of sensor is very easy thanks to bright projected LED spot.