EpoxyFilled IP67g TypeJ Series


Water Resistant and Vibration Resistant by Epoxy Filled Sensor Housing

  • Epoxy filled sensor housing provides IP67G rating for highly water resistant
  • 100G of shock resistance
  • M8 QD types are available for over all types
J Series

Epoxy filled housing provides
highly water resistant.

Elongated mounting holes for flexible installation.
( Applicable for both M3 and M4 )

The elongated mounting hole (25.4 mm pitch) allows the sensor to be used with various types of mounting brackets.

  • M8 QD for easy maintenance

    The M8 QD connector types are small enough to be installed in areas where mounting space is limited.

  • Visible red spot

    Visible red LED spot for easy alignment of the sensor. The projected spot is approx. 2 mm dia. at 30 cm distance from the sensor.