Digital Amplifier and Modular Laser TypeD2SA Series


Sensor Heads Separated from Amplifier are Small and IP67 Rating

  • Various type of sensor heads for applications
  • Visible red laser sensor
  • Co-axial structure DSD-100 diffuse type
D2SA Series


The Interconnect Type Amplifiers (Master: D2SA-M, Slave: D2SA-S) can be connected in parallel to provide Cross-talk prevention as well as to transfer settings.
It is possible to connect a maximum of 30 amplifiers together. (12VDC @ 40℃ ambient or less)

2 Amplifier Types (Standalone & Interconnect)

  • The Interconnect Type amplifiers are convenient when using multiple D2SA amplifiers in parallel.
    8 amplifiers can be connected together if the ambient temperature does not exceed 50℃.
    The Interconnect Type amplifiers automatically provide Cross-talk prevention for up to 4 amplifiers.
    The D2SA series amplifiers can be connected to Optex-FA's D2RF series fiber optic amplifiers.

  • Programmable external input

    The External input can be programmed to operate in one of the following modes.
    ・Remote teach
    ・Synchronizing signal input
    ・Laser OFF
    ・Counter reset

  • 2 Independent outputs & Analog

    2CH models have two digital outputs for control and/or alarm, there is also a 4~20 mA analog output. The external input can be configured to operate as needed.

  • Dual Digital Display

    The Threshold value and the Reflected Light level are both indicated at the same time, setting the sensitivity is easy.

  • Counter Mode

    The output turns ON when the count value reaches the preset number.
    The preset number can be reset by remote teach

  • Response Time

    Select the sensing distance and response time based upon your application.

  • e-con, the easy connection

    Just snap-in the e-con to connect to amplifiers. All the sensor heads are connectable to any amplifier with the preset e-con mechanics.

  • IP67 water tightness

    All the DS Series sensor heads secures IP67 Water tightness with its rugged housing.

A choice of 6 convenient Teach functions to solve any application.

  • Single Point Teach

    Use this teaching mode when no target is present.
    Set the threshold so the sensor does not detect the background.

  • Two Point Teach

    This is the basic setting method for the DSD-100 Diffuse Reflective type sensor. First teach with the target present and then teach the background.
    The threshold is then set between the target value and the background.

  • Transparent Object Teach

    This mode is only for the DSR-800 Retro-Reflective sensor.
    Teach without the target present so that the sensor is set to the maximum sensitivity, the DSR-800 is able to easily detect transparent film, bottles, glass, etc.

  • Automatic Teach

    In this mode there is no reason to stop the conveyor. It is possible to teach the sensor while the product is running.

  • Zone Teach

    Select the detection area. Use the Up / Down buttons to set the area within +/- 10%. After teaching this area can be increased or decreased by adjusting the settings.

  • Judgement Teach

    This function is exclusive to the DSTA-200 wide beam measurement sensing heads. Used to judge the size and width of a target within +/- 10% of the specified size. Even if the object position changes the sensor will detect it, so this is actually Area Teach.