Compact OCR SensorCVS4-RA Series


All-in-one Compact OCR Vision Sensor

  • Easy setup and High performance
  • Built-in Calendar
CVS4-RA Series

All in one OCR sensor

Recognizes Alphabetic, Numeric and Special characters. It can check shelf life, date of manufacture and lot number. It recognizes characters of Thermal printer, Hot printer, Ink-jet printer and laser marker.

It compares the characters with internal Dictionary. You can setup as it determines NG when single character is wrong. You can also setup as it determines OK when the character has only small lack.

Storing NG image

When judge result changed from OK to NG, it stores NG image into internal memory up to 30 images. You can download the image data from CVS4-RA through optional cable CVS-C2C.

Wide range of line-up

  • You can choose a range from 5 ranges of line-up.

  • Character direction

  • Easy setup

    You can setup easily just following the instruction on the screen.

  • User dictionary

    You can make characters utilizing the images captured and transferred to PC.

  • Up to 16 Bank

    16 Banks are available in small all in one package.

  • Built-in Calendar

    It can check the date continuously overnight referring built-in calendar without error because of its tolerance of time.