Fiber UnitFLEXIBLE R2mm Series


Easy to handle fiber with a bending radius of 2 mm

  • Adjustable mounting type that switches between straight view and side view also available
  • 40 mm wide screen fiber type is available
FLEXIBLE R2mm Series

 Straight view/side view switchable type 

The NF-TR14 can be used as a side view type by bending the fiber cable to fit the slit in the side of the nut. This fiber unit is a completely new concept that allows switching between side view and straight view according to mounting conditions.

40 mm wide screen type

  • The NF-TS40 is a through-beam type capable of detecting within a 40 mm wide area. It emits collimated light like that of a laser beam even at a 40 mm width thanks to its unique optical design. This fiber unit demonstrates its strength in the detection of workpieces with complex shapes and in detecting falling objects.