Waterproof and Shock Resistant ThermometerPT-5LD


Washable waterproof/dustproof body

  • Excellent shock-resistant structure
  • Built-in continuous measurement function
  • 99-entry data memory function
  • Washable waterproof/dustproof body

    • This product is designed to solve the problem of equipment breaking down after water or dust gets inside.
      The PT-5LD offers IP67 protection for a waterproof and dustproof design. The product can be used with wet hands and washed without problem.

  • Excellent shock-resistant structure

    • The product construction is designed to withstand drops from a height of 1 m.
      This provides protection from accidental drops. For users, this gives the added benefit of peace of mind.

  • 99-entry data memory function

    This product is equipped with a memory function capable of recording up to 99 data entries.
    This eliminates the need for a PC or a data logger. This function is ideal for HACCP, which is considered an important factor for controlling and recording food temperatures.

  • Continuous measurement function

    Measurement can be initiated even without pressing the button. Linking this function with the alarm function allows for even greater improvements.

  • Silicone filter resistant to radiant heat

    Ever run into a situation where bringing the thermometer close to a measurement target causes the lens to become distorted due to radiant heat, thus preventing accurate measurement of temperatures?
    This product adopts a heat-resistant silicone filter to prevent such problems.。

  • Upper/lower limit alarm function with audio and visual notifications

    • Exceeding the set temperature causes the buzzer to sound and one of two LED colors to be shown (red for upper limit, and green for lower limit).
      This allows users to immediately detect temperature errors even without looking at the display screen, greatly improving work efficiency.

  • Antibacterial resin body with no need for disinfecting

    The PT-5LD is a non-contact thermometer, so temperatures can be checked without having to touch the target, which is especially helpful in the food industry where cleaning instruments to prevent secondary infection can be troublesome. In addition, the product is made with the world’s first antimicrobial resin, making it ideal for sanitary equipment management. This is an HACCP-recommended product.

  • What is HACCP?

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a safety management method adopted in Japan that uses constant management and recording of records to analyze the causes of harm caused by microorganism throughout the manufacturing process for foods with a focus on specific items determined to be of importance.
    In each analysis process, one of the most important aspects of management is the measurement and recording of temperatures.