Fiber UnitSCREEN /ARRAY Series


Fiber units for detecting with light screen

  • Optimal for detection of complex shapes and when workpiece passage locations are not fixed.

Screen fiber

New through-beam type

New models for 32 mm wide and 11 mm wide types in addition to new 40 mm wide type. Five models are available as optimal solutions for the detection of workpieces with complex shapes, as well as for the detection of workpiece passage locations and shapes that are not fixed.

  • Head ON diffuse type

    The NF-DZ01 diffuse type enables a detection area with a spot size of 2 × 15 mm (at a distance of 15 mm). Optimal for the detection of workpieces with complex shapes and drilled workpieces such as lead frames.

  • Collimated light like laser beam

    Collimated light like laser beam achieved through unique optical design. Because there is little light leakage even for mounting in complex areas, superior detection stability is achieved.

Difference between screen fiber and array fiber

Screen fiber

  • This screen fiber collimates light into a band through the lens. Able to detect finer light differences than array fibers as a through-beam type due to collimated light.

Array fiber

  • This array fiber aligns the fiber cores and emits light in a band. Easy to perform light axis adjustment as a through-beam type because the light expands. Because there is more light received when detecting small objects at a short-distance when using diffuse types as compared to screen fibers, stable detection is possible.