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Laser, Standard TypeBGS-ZL/BGS-Z Series


Laser type and high power narrow beam LED type BGS!

  • Types with sensing distances of 100 mm and 300 mm
  • Industry standard size
  • Highly accurate height difference detection through low hysteresis

Laser types (Class 1) and high power narrow beam LED types are available

  • Laser type (equipped with laser OFF input)

    The spot size of the laser type is ø1 mm at 100 mm (short-range type). Optimal for applications that in which small object detection and high repeat accuracy are required. It is also a Class 1 laser in which eye protection for workers is not necessary.
    *Classified as Class II in the US FDA standards.

  • High power narrow beam LED light source type

    Features a high power narrow beam LED light source. Because the spot light can be seen clearly even in bright factories regardless of the LED light, confirmation of detection position is easier than for any other conventional model.
    *Compared to conventional models: Using LED light source.

Ideal for height difference detection using low hysteresis

Short-range type hysteresis ≤ 3% (typical value)

  • A short-range type with a sensing distance of 100 mm that achieves a low hysteresis of ≤ 3%. Demonstrates its strength in small height difference detection.
    * A mid-range type with a sensing distance of 300 mm that achieves a hysteresis of ≤ 5%.

Industry standard size

  • Mounting hole pitch: 25.4 mm

    Features an industry standard
    pitch of 25.4 mm.