Fiber UnitHEAT RESISTANT(130℃ or below) Series


Fiber units for ambient temperatures of 130°C or below

  • This heat resistant series offers most models in the industry at 30 models
    (according to in-house survey)
  • NF-TH06 will be discontinued by March 2025.
HEAT RESISTANT(130℃ or below) Series

Non-protruding cables 

Because the cables of NF25-DH and NF25-TH heat resistant nut type fiber units do not protrude even when mounted to the conveyer side, no extra space is needed. Also, they eliminate worries regarding cable breakage caused by snagging on tools during work.

Fiber units with 45° angle light axis and different sleeve lengths

An angled light axis is needed when mounting workpieces for detecting transparent glass substrates with through-beam type fibers. The light axis of the NF-TH06 is angled at 45° and the sleeve lengths for the emitting and receiving fibers differ, making it possible to simplify the mounting jig and installation.