High-accuracy Laser SensorsBGS-HL/BGS-HDL Series


High resolution BGS laser sensor

  • Minimum detectable height difference = 0.08 mm (BGS-HL05☐☐/-HDL05☐☐)
  • Built-in controller and 4-digit display
  • Stable detection regardless object color
  • BGS-HL Series
  • BGS-HL series : 1output type
    BGS-HDL series : 2output type

Super precision BGS sensor detects 0.08 mm height difference (BGS-HL05☐☐ BGS-HDL05☐☐ )

FASTUS BGS-HL/-HDL Series achieves precise height difference detection regardless of Object color and material.
This is accomplished by utilizing original “TRI-CORE” Technology found in our high-end displacement sensors.
This Technology enables the highest level of performance in the industry at an economical price.

  • High resolution electronic shutter

    Thanks to an automatic shutter speed adjustment function, the BGS-HL/-HDL series has the advantage of accurately detecting Black non-refl ective surfaces as well as shiny refl ective surfaces.
    The Automatic shutter speed adjustment function minimizes the error caused by differences in refl ectivity of object color and material.

  • Material response is improved incredibly

    The error of BGS-HL25T2/BGS-HDL25T2 is improved to 1/13 (SUS object) and 1/58 (Black paper) compared with conventional BGS laser sensor.

  • Digital subpixel processing

    Subpixel processing divides one pixel into sub pixels and enables accurate detection of peak.

  • Automatic sampling function

    In addition to standard feedback, received light to laser power, BGS-HL/-HDL has Automatic Sampling function which enables stable detection of metal surface and also black material by adjusting sampling speed.

  • Easy to see digital panel

    ・ 4-digit display in small case
    ・ Easy setup by 4 buttons
    ・ High-end functionality

  • Ideal for robot mounting

    Ideal for mounting on robot cylinder thanks to compact dimensions and the light weight. IP67 water tightness is also secured.

The minimum detectable height difference of 0.08 mm (BGS-HL05☐☐/BGS-HDL05☐☐)

  • Perfect for applications that require sensing the height difference of very thin parts, inclination, and overlap (seam) detection.