High-accuracy Laser SensorsBGS-HL/BGS-HDL Series


High resolution BGS laser sensor

  • Minimum detectable height difference = 0.08 mm (BGS-HL05☐☐/-HDL05☐☐)
  • Built-in controller and 4-digit display
  • Stable detection regardless object color

1-output type (BGS-HL series)

  • Checking Camshaft position

  • Checking face of black rubber parts

  • Detecting wafers piling

  • Detecting edge of wafer frame

  • Detecting O-rings

2 output type (BGS-HDL series)

  • Detecting blister pack stacks
    (Output 1: ON with 1 layer; Output 2: ON with 3 layers)

  • Detecting amount remaining for component feeder (Output 1: Supply starts when amount remaining is small; Output 2: Supply stops when amount remaining is large)

  • Detecting straws and float
    (Output 1: ON with no straw; Output 2: ON when floating)