Laser Sensors with DisplayDR-Q Series


Easy to set up, finely adjustable laser

  • Sensing distance: Max. 4 m
  • Digital adjustment function
  • Built-in ASC (Automatic Sensitivity Correction) function
DR-Q Series
DR-Q Series

Sensing distance: Max. 4 m

Achieves long range transparent object detection

A sensing distance of 4 m, the longest class in transparent object sensors, has been realized. Additionally, by employing a red laser (Class 2) for the light source as well as a coaxial reflection structure, high-accuracy position detection is possible.

  • Digital adjustment function

    Adjustment while watching values possible

    Simple settings and fine adjustments are possible. Thanks to the teaching method, setting is possible by simply pressing a button. There are also buttons for fine adjustments, making it possible to configure sensitivity settings to the desired level while viewing the digital display.

    High utility

    Convenient functions tailored to fit the application

    ◯ External teaching is possible
    ◯ Built-in ON / OFF / One-shot delay functions
    ◯ Enables detection of transparent containers filled with transparent liquid causing a lens effect

  • Built-in ASC (Automatic Sensitivity Correction) function

    Contamination resistant

    The ASC function automatically corrects threshold values to reduce the amount of light generated when dust, water, vapor, etc., on site adheres to the reflector or lens, thereby maintaining optimum sensitivity over long periods of time. (The diagram below shows a decrease in the amount of light received due to dust and steam in the atmosphere)