LED Lighting Controller with Ethernet ConnectivityOPPD-30 Series


Easy Ethernet connectivity

  • Mitsubishi Electric iQSS support
  • Automatic brightness management
OPPD-30 Series

Simplify lighting control with an Ethernet-connectable compact controller

The FASTUS OPPD-30E is an LED lighting controller with Ethernet connectivity that reduces the effort required for lighting control.
In addition to simple configuration of dimming and illumination lighting control from a PC or a PLC, the OPPD-30E is also compatible with Mitsubishi Electric’s iQSS systems and can be used in a variety of engineering environments in the manufacturing field.
The OPPD-30E also makes it easy to catch decreases in lighting brightness, allowing for predictive lighting maintenance through IoT (Internet of Things) setups.

OPPD-30E Series

Simple dimming and illumination control through Ethernet communication

Connecting is simple.just plug in a LAN cable!

With support for DHCP, the OPPD-30E automatically obtains IP addresses and other information necessary for connection.
Manual configuration of network settings required with conventional models is unnecessary, and communication can be easily established simply by connecting a LAN cable within a DHCP server network environment.

High-speed communication

  • With the OPPD-30E, dimming values can be rewritten for both channels in about 6 ms.

Simple PC software-based setup

  • Dedicated PC software is available for the OPPD-30E. This software can be used to configure dimming, illumination control and frequency, among other aspects.
    Access the Optex FA homepage to download the software for free.

Intuitively operable interface

The software interface has been developed so that dimming and illumination control can be seen at a glance.
Settings can be easily configured through pull-down menus or through direct input.

Mitsubishi Electric iQSS support iQSS: iQ Sensor Solution

The OPPD-30E can be operated over networks using Mitsubishi Electric’s GX Works2.
Through connection and cooperation among image-processing lighting, power supplies, PLCs, displays, and other control equipment, batch management is possible and workability can be increased.

Compact size

Thanks to high-density mounting technology and an optimal heat dissipation design, the OPPD-30E boasts a size just 38% that of OPPF Series products.