Color Mark TypeDM-18T Series


Automatic R, G and B Light Source Selection Color/Mark Detection Sensor

  • Automatic RGB light source selection
  • Adjusting threshold on digital display
  • Up to 8 Banks available
DM-18T Series

Two modes of operation are available, Mark Detection
Mode and RGB Color Detection Mode.
The sensor can store up to 8 complete sets of parameters
to reduce the setup time when changing products.

Automatic Choice of RGB light source - Mark Detection mode

The DM-18T has a Red, Green and Blue LED light source built-in, the microcomputer will select the proper one to use according to the specific target color. When initially setting the sensor there is no need to perform this step.

The sensor monitors the contrast between the background and target, it is capable of sensing the difference between colors that used to be difficult to setup.

Color Mode

  • To select a specific color, a three color (RGB) LED element is used. The sensor computes the color ratio between the three colors. The accuracy of the color detection is assured even with products moving on a conveyor.

    One sensor is able to operate in two modes, Mark Detection (Mark Mode) or Color Sensing (Color Mode)

Store up to 8 sets of parameters Color/Mark Sensor

The DM-18T is able to store 8 complete sets of parameters (banks) for quick product changeover. The desired bank can be selected remotely via the three remote inputs.

Pushbutton Teach with Fine Adjustment