Digital Color/Mark Detection TypeDM Series


RGB color/mark sensor for automatically selecting light source color

  • 3-color (red, green, blue) light source switching function
  • Threshold value digital adjustment function
  • 8-bank switching function
DM Series
  • 3-color (red, green, blue) light source switching function

    Versatile and high precision

    Thanks to a built-in RGB 3-color light source and because the optimum light source is automatically selected to match the base and mark color, there is no need to change the sensor depending on the color. Additionally, since the light source most easily contrasted is automatically selected, mark detection can easily be performed even under difficult conditions as in the diagram below.

  • Digital adjustment function

    Adjustment while watching values possible

    Simple settings and fine adjustments are possible. Thanks to the teaching method, setting is possible by simply pressing a button. There are also buttons for manual adjustments, making it possible to configure sensitivity settings to the desired level while viewing the digital display.

  • Bank switching function

    Settings can be registered

    Up to 8 settings can be recalled with the built-in bank switching function. Eliminates time wasted when changing setup of multi-product lines. Of course, external recall is also possible.

  • Equipped with color mode

    Color detection possible, tolerant to variations

    Built-in color mode for color detection. Only the colors set can be distinguished. 3 colors (red, green, blue) are always emitted and the ratio thereof is calculated, making it tolerant to workpiece variation. Depending on the object to be detected, mark mode and color mode can be selected with 1 sensor.