Digital Fiber AmplifiersD3RF/D3IF Series


Easy-to-use fiber amplifiers

  •  Fastest high-speed response in the world
    Supports cross talk prevention functions for up to 2 units, even in the fastest mode
  • New generation specifi cations for sensing distance as well
  • 100% display for better recognition of level change
D3RF/D3IF Series

No. 1 in speed and power.

Fastest high-speed response in the world

Our originally developed super high-speed processor “FAntron DUO” enables the fastest speed in its class at 16 μs (stand-alone/1-HS mode). It can detect over 30,000 workpieces per second. Maximum speed during linked use is 22 μs (1-HS mode). It can prevent cross talk for up to 2 units even in maximum speed mode. Copying of setting is also possible. Seven response times can be selected: 1-HS, 2-FS, 3-ST, 4-LG, 5-PL, 6-UL and 7-EL.

  • New generation specifications for sensing distance as well

    With the new built-in “FAntron DUO” processor, a long and short dual pulse width emission is realized, instead of the conventional single pulse width emissions. In addition, due to the synergistic effect of the high power LEDs and high efficiency condensing lens, sensing distance is increased a maximum of 3× compared to conventional products with diffuse types, and a maximum of 5× compared to conventional products with through-beam types. Long range detection becomes possible even for heat resistant and flexible fibers, in which until now long range detection has been difficult.

  • Power saving in ECO mode

    Features an ECO mode that enables power saving by turning off the sub-monitor (green) and darkening the main-monitor (red).

More convenient, even when linked.

Cross talk prevention

Prevents malfunctions caused by cross talk by linking master and slave units to electrically shift the timing of the emitting element. Up to 12 units can be linked closely together, with up to 16 units in ECO mode.

Batch setting of amplifier

Settings can be made collectively for linked (expanded) amplifiers. Zero reset and various types of teaching, as well as copying of amplifier settings from upstream (master unit side) to downstream (terminal slave unit side) can be performed.

  • Detection of only water is possible

    Employs an infrared LED (wavelength: 1.45 μm) for the light source that are absorbed by water. Detection of only water is made possible using water detection amplifier D3IF-TN and the specialized fiber unit shown on the right.