Small BGS TypeBGS-S Series


The Smallest BGS Sensor in the Industry (internal investigation)

  • Installation into narrow space
  • Detection of small object stably
  • High speed response
BGS-S Series
  • Extremely small BGS type sensors (BGS-S08 and S03) are only 17×10×20 mm. Ideal for use in OEM equipment such as Printed Circuit Board processing machines.

  • High rigidity for 100G shock
    resistance / IP67

    Rigid design for high resistance to mechanical shock such as contact or collision.

  • 0.5ms high speed

    High speed response even with transparent targets.

  • BGS-S03, with Φ1.5mm spot
    at 30mm distance

    Spot size of BGS-S03N/P is Φ1.5mm at 30mm sensing distance which helps detecting small objects like electronic components.