SUS Protector and Small LED SensorsKR-Q/SR-Q Series


Industry's standard of transparent object detection sensor

  • Stable detection even at close distances
  • Visible red spot light
  • Narrow view design which makes detecting through gaps possible
KR-Q/SR-Q Series

I/O circuit diagram

  • NPN output type

  • PNP output type

  • Connector type

  • Notes

    ▪ When using a switching regulator for the power supply, be sure to ground the frame ground terminal.
    ▪ Avoid wiring in parallel with or in the same piping as high-voltage wires or power lines. Doing so may lead to malfunctions caused by noise. Also, shorten the power supply and signal wires as much as possible.
    ▪ Avoid using the transient state while the power is on (approx. 100 ms).
    ▪ The connector direction is fixed as the drawing below when you use L-shaped connector cable. Be aware that rotation is not possible.


(Unit : mm)

KR-Q series

Cable type

Connector type

KR-Q with mounting bracket

Cable type

Connector type

Mounting bracket (included)

  • BEF-W170

KR-Q series with protective mounting bracket



SR-Q series

Cable type

Connector type

SR-Q series with mounting bracket

Cable type (when using BEF-W150-B)

Connector type (when using BEF-W150-A)

Mounting bracket (included)

  • BEF-W150-B (included with sensor)

  • BEF-W150-A (optional)

  • Nut plate (included)

SR-Q series with protective mounting bracket


t = 2


t = 2

Connector cable (optional)

  • M84CN-2S, M84CN-5S, M84CN-10S

  • M84CN-2L, M84CN-5L, M84CN-10L


  • V-61: Standard type reflector (included)

  • V-42: Small reflector (optional)

  • P45A: Vertical type reflector (optional)