Long-range TOF SensorsTOF-3V Series


Long Sensing Distance Sensor

  • TOF, Time Of Flight, method forms the technical basis for maximum reliability and high precision
  • Immune to object color and angle
TOF-3V Series


Type Shape Sensing
Control output Model (Models in parentheses are connector types)
NPN type PNP type
0.3 to 3 m 1CH TOF-3V300N1
2CH TOF-3V300N
0 to 20 m 1CH TOF-3V2000N


Type Diffuse Reflective Retro Reflective
Model Cable type NPN Output: 1CH TOF-3V300N1 TOF-3V2000N
Output: 2CH TOF-3V300N -
PNP Output: 1CH TOF-3V300P1 TOF-3V2000P
Output: 2CH TOF-3V300P -
NPN Output: 1CH TOF-3V300CN1 TOF-3V2000CN
Output: 2CH TOF-3V300CN -
PNP Output: 1CH TOF-3V300CP1 TOF-3V2000CP
Output: 2CH TOF-3V300CP -
Detecting object/target Opaque (Reflectance: 6 to 90%) Reflector : V-61
Sensing distance 3000 mm (90% white) 20 m with Reflector V-61
Light source Red laser diode, wavelength: 650 nm, Maximum output: 5 mW
Laser class FDA: Class I JIS/IEC: Class1
Spot size ø12 mm at 3 m distance ø0 mm at 20 m distance
Optical angle deviation 0.5°(9 mrad) or less
Hysteresis 15% Max : 300 to 1500 mm /
6% Max : 1500 to 3000 mm
10% Max : 1 to 4 m /
3% Max : 4 to 20 m
Repeat accuracy 2 mm 10 mm
Response time 0.5 ms 2 ms
Output mode Light ON/ Dark ON selectable
Environmental illuminance Sunlight : 4,000 lx, Incandescent lamp : 3,000 lx (at 1 m)
Indicator Output indicator: Orange x 2 (2-output type), Stable indicator : Green
Distance adjustment 4-turn Potentiometer 12-turn Potentiometer.
External input Laser OFF
Crosstalk prevention Up to 2 pcs.
Supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC ±10%, 70 mA max.
Circuit protection Reverse connection protection, Over current protection
Control output NPN/PNP Open collector, 30V/100mA, (Residual voltage 1.8 V max.)
Connection (cable) Φ3.8 2 m cable 5 wires (2-output type) , 4 wires (1-output type)
Connection (M12 connector) M12, 5-pin connector
EMC EN60497-5-2
Initialization time 300 ms
Internal short circuit according to VDE 160
Materials ABS/PMMA
Degree of protection IP67
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm, X, Y, Z for 2 Hours
Shock resistance 500m/s2 (approx. 50G) X, Y, Z 3 times each
CE EMC directive
Operating temp. humidity -10 to +50℃, 35 to 85% RH
Storage temp. humidity -40 to +70℃, 35 to 95% RH
Temperature drift ±1% max.