Long-range TOF SensorsTOF-3V Series


Long Sensing Distance Sensor

  • TOF, Time Of Flight, method forms the technical basis for maximum reliability and high precision
  • Immune to object color and angle
TOF-3V Series

I/O circuit diagram

  • NPN output type

  • PNP output type

  • Connector type


    ▪ When not used for control output 2 or external input, cut the lead wire and wrap it individually with insulating tape, and do not connect it to any other terminal.
    ▪ 1 to 5 correspond to connector pin No.

  • Notes

    ▪ When using a switching regulator for the power supply, be sure to ground the frame ground terminal.
    ▪ Because wiring sensor wires with high-voltage wires or power supply wires can result in malfunctions due to noise, which can cause damage, make sure to wire separately.
    ▪ Avoid using the transient state while the power is on (approx. 300 ms).


(Unit : mm)
  • Sensor

    Connector type/cable type

Mounting bracket

  • Floor-mounted

  • Wall-mounted

Reflectors for TOF-3V2000☐

  • V-61: Standard type reflector

Successor models

  • Cable for M12 connector type


  • Successor models