Through-beam Edge Laser SensorsTD1 Series


Edge Position Measurement for Any Workpiece

  • Suitable for edge measurement and width/gap measurement
  • Light axis alignment function for easy installation
  • Easily readable amplifier unit

    Sold separately: CDA-DM2

TD1 Series

I/O Circuit Diagram (CDA-DM2 amplifier unit)

  • With the NPN setting

  • With the PNP setting

*1. Use shielded cables for analog output (+) and analog output (-), and wire as a pair up to the analog input device. *2. If there is a potential difference between the analog output (-) and the GND of the external device, connect the analog output (-) to the GND of the external device as shown below.


Unit : mm

TD1 series

TDCN-Y2-M8 Y branch cable

DSL-0804-G02M / DSL-0804-G05M sensor-to-amplifier extension cable

CDA-DM2 amplifier unit