High-performance Multi-unit Laser Displacement SensorsCD5 Series


Next level integration of accuracy, stability, and operability

  • Highest-in-class repeat accuracy and linearity
  • Measurement is possible using only the sensor head
  • Control unit for use with Mitsubishi Electric PLC is available
CD5 Series

I/O circuit diagram and connections

  • Input circuit diagram (NPN)

  • Output circuit diagram (NPN)

  • Analog output circuit diagram

  • Input circuit diagram (PNP)

  • Output circuit diagram (PNP)

  • 12-pin I/O terminal pin assignment

  • 50-pin I/O terminal pin assignment

  • Bank select input

  • Sensor head cable wiring


(Unit : mm)

Sensor head








Amplifier unit


  • Extension cable between sensor
    head and amplifier unit

  • Sensor head cable

  • I/O connection cable

Example of system configuration

Attention: Not to be Used for Personnel Protection.

Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection. Doing so could lead to serious injury or death.
These sensors do not include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to allow their use in personnel safety applications.
A sensor failure or malfunction can cause either an energized or de-energized sensor output condition.
Please consult our distributors about safety products which meet OSHA, ANSI and IEC standards for personnel protection.

Precautions for laser use

  • This product emits a Class 1/Class 2 (II) or Class 3R (IIIa) visible laser beam that is compliant with JIS C 6802/IEC/FDA laser safety standards.
    Because English language warnings indicating the sensor as Class 1 or Class 2 (II) or Class 3R (IIIa), as well as explanation labels, are located on the side of the sensor, please replace these warnings/explanation labels with the Japanese language warnings/ explanation labels included in the box when using in Japan.

    If you install this product in a piece of machinery that will then be exported to the United States, it is necessary to follow laser standards as stipulated by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    This product has already been submitted to the CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health). (Please inquire for details.)

Workpieces with large fluctuations in height difference or color

Mount the sensor head so that the detection surface (emitting/receiving part surfaces) is always parallel to the detection target. Adjust the target so that the spot aligns with the detection position, and ensure that the distance indicator lights up orange at the reference window (center of change).