High-performance Multi-unit Laser Displacement SensorsCD5 Series


Next level integration of accuracy, stability, and operability

  • Highest-in-class repeat accuracy and linearity
  • Measurement is possible using only the sensor head
  • Control unit for use with Mitsubishi Electric PLC is available
CD5 Series

All-in-one amplifier unit featuring both usability and visibility

  • High-speed multi-point measurements using one amplifier unit

    3ch multi-calculation function

    Up to three sensor heads can be connected to one amplifier unit. By sending measurement data at high speeds, multi-point measurements such as for thickness, height difference and parallelism can be performed using one amplifier unit.

  • Easy setup

    Setting wizard

    Setup of basic sensor head parameters and calibration can be performed easily and interactively using the numeric keypad and display.

  • Can be used on various types of production lines

    16ch bank function

    This series is equipped with a 16ch bank function that communicates using through amplifier unit button operation or RS-232C, and that can have its setting switched (recall) to receive external signals from PLC, etc. This eliminates time wasted when changing setup of multi-product lines.

  • Convenient for sorting of workpieces with various sizes

    Five comparator outputs

    These models are equipped with five comparator units for which setting of upper and lower limits is possible. This is an extremely convenient function for sorting workpieces of various sizes or identifying various types of workpieces.

Multiple interface function with excellent expandability to PCs or PLC connections

  • Further extend cost savings

    Up to three sensor heads can be connected

    • Up to three sensor heads can be connected to one amplifier unit. This eliminates the need to purchase more amplifier units when increasing the number of sensor heads and further extends cost savings.

  • Checking of waveforms without a PC or external monitor

    Receiving light waveform monitoring function

    • These models are equipped with a receiving light waveform monitoring function that can detect whether lasers are emitting light to the workpieces at the optimal angle. Fine light axis adjustments can also be performed quickly and easily.

  • Assists in operations such as setup

    Numeric keypad with pilot LED function

    • These models are equipped with Optex FA’s original numeric keypad with pilot LED function.
      With lights that guide every time buttons are pressed during operation, even inexperienced users can perform operations easily.

  • Operations by one amplifier unit even for remote lines

    Extendable up to 50 m

    • Extensions of up to 50 m in length are possible between sensor heads and the amplifier unit (longest in class). This means that unified operations can be performed even for remote lines using one amplifier unit.

  • Easy remote operation from PCs

    Standard-equipped with a USB port

    • These amplifier units are equipped with a USB port that enables remote operation using a PC.
      And, because a COM port is also equipped, connection to PCs and PLC, etc., is also possible.

  • Suitable for a wide range of needs

    All sensor head types can be connected mixed

    • Any type of sensor heads can be connected to the amplifier unit. This means that thickness measurements can be performed on the workpiece by short-range heads while deflection measurements are performed by long-range heads. Also, sampling speed will not decrease even if three sensor heads are connected.