Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement SensorsCDX Series


World’s No. 1 Linearity

  • Developed image sensor: ATMOS
  • Direct Ethernet connection
  • Equipped with a Web Server
CDX Series

Direct Network Connections are Possible without
Use of a Controller

  • New

    Direct Ethernet connection

    Because an Ethernet serial interface is built-in to the sensor head, connection to a network is possible without use of a controller.
    Not only can the cost of a controller be eliminated, but any worries about securing space for controller installation can also be forgotten.

    ■ No controller required. Simply add new sensors
    to the hub.

    ■ Operation is possible by connecting directly to
    a PC LAN port

    ■ Of course, connection to a PLC Ethernet port
    is also possible

Equipped with a Web Server

  • New

    Setup software is unnecessary

    The CDX series features a new Web server. Using a web browser on the computer connected to the same network, browsing and controlling measured values and setup contents are possible.
    Use is possible without need for a dedicated computer software.

Main functions

  • ■ Distance monitor

    Simultaneous display for 4 CHs

    With the CDX series, judgment settings can be configured for channels 1 to 4. The measured values for each channel can be displayed at once on a graph, allowing for simple comparison of measurement data. Moreover, monitoring of speed and thickness of transparent objects in addition to displacement is possible simultaneously.

  • ■ Storage

    No data logger required

    Measured values for up to 100,000 points can be stored. By operating using a browser, data can be viewed and CSV files can be downloaded.

  • ■ Light distribution

    Masking of unnecessary areas

    By monitoring receiving light waveforms, receiving light levels and mounting angle can be confirmed. Thanks to a newly developed mask function, even if there are unnecessary objects or ambient light in the measurement range, those can be masked to enable measurements to be performed free of influence.

  • Other functions

    ■ Measurement setting  ■ I/O setting  ■ Device setting  ■ Communication setting  ■ Product information etc.

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Ethernet connection with Mitsubishi Electric PLC

  • The CDX sensor can be easily connected with Mitsubishi Electric PLC, iQ-R Series via Ethernet port on CPU or R Series via Ethernet module.
    Simply add the communication programs provided by OPTEX FA on a control program on GX Works engineering software to establish communication between the sensor and PLC.

LabVIEW driver