Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement SensorsCDX series


World’s No. 1 Linearity

  • Developed image sensor: ATMOS
  • Direct Ethernet connection
  • Equipped with a Web Server
CDX series

Regarding applicability of Export Trade Control Order enacted by Japanese government
for the CDX series

CautionCDX series sensor heads are products that are subject to “Export Trade Control Order Appended Table 1 2-(12) Measurement devices (including machine tools with a measurement function)”. Please inquire for details.

  • Low resolution models: Not applicable

    Model Measurement mode Resolution
    CDX-L15A Specular mode 0.25 μm
    CDX-30A Diffuse mode
    Specular mode
    CDX-W30A Diffuse mode
    Specular mode
    CDX-85A Diffuse mode
    Specular mode
    CDX-W85A Diffuse mode
    Specular mode
    CDX-150A Diffuse mode
  • Standard models: Applicable

    Model Measurement mode Resolution
    CDX-L15 Specular mode 0.01 μm
    CDX-30 Diffuse mode 0.05 μm
    Specular mode
    CDX-W30 Diffuse mode 0.05 μm
    Specular mode
    CDX-85 Diffuse mode 0.1 μm
    Specular mode
    CDX-W85 Diffuse mode 0.1 μm
    Specular mode
    CDX-150 Diffuse mode 0.2 μm

Attention: Not to be Used for Personnel Protection.

Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection. Doing so could lead to serious injury or death.
These sensors do not include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to allow their use in personnel safety applications.
A sensor failure or malfunction can cause either an energized or de-energized sensor output condition.
Please consult our distributors about safety products which meet OSHA, ANSI and IEC standards for personnel protection.

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