Laser Displacement SensorsCD2H Series


Best-in-class*, All-in-one Middle-range Sensors

  • Highest-in-class* Repeat Accuracy
  • Fastest-in-class* Sampling Period
  • Measurement in a long distance up to 1,200mm
  • Received light waveform can be displayed on OLED Display.
  • *Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
    (Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

CD2H Series

Useful Functions

Edge Height Detection

The Edge Height Detection performs judgement from a difference between measured values of present and an offset time in the past.
For example, it is useful to count printed materials that are transferred in an overlapping manner.

  • The number of printed materials is counted by detecting height gaps of the stack. However, it is difficult to make stable counting, as the height of stacked prints differs during the transfer.

  • Obtain data of differences between the present and one previous data.
    Set a threshold according to the height gaps.
    Generate output when height differences exceed the threshold.(Count up)
    The left figure shows to generate output at 2-1, 5-4, 8-7 and 11-10, at where there are large height gaps between the printed materials.

Maintenance data, such as operating time, laser emittance and of the sensor can be monitored.

  • Predictive maintenance can be conducted easily.

Error history record

  • The number of errors and history are recorded.
    The number of following error occurrence can be displayed.
    The internal temperature exceeds 70ºC.
    The internal temperature falls below 20ºC.
    The power supply voltage falls below 9V.
    The sensor is overheated, when the internal temperature exceeds 140ºC.
    An error in IO-Link communication occurs.

Rotate Display

  • Installation of the sensor can be made regardless of sensor direction.

7 Languages Supported

  • The menu texts can be switched in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Recording of Measured Data

  • Measured values of Max., Min, peak-to-peak, average and standard deviation for a period of key operation can be displayed.