M18 Cylindrical ThermometersSA-80 Series


Measurement temperature range: 0 to 200℃ / 0 to +400℃

  • Easy installation and excellent environmental resistance
  • High-speed response time of 100ms/90%
  • IO-Link network supported (SA-80T-4IO)
  • Wide field of view of φ80mm at 500mm
SA-80 Series

Precautions for installation models of thermometers

Measurement tips

• For measurement of specular surface, such as a polished metal, consider to attach the optional black tape, HB-250, or paint the surface in a matte color.
• Measurement through glass may be difficult.

Laser marker [For applicable models only]

• The markers are equipped with Class 2 lasers that conform to IEC 60825-1.
• Take necessary measurements for use of the products, according to the laser warning labels.

Product calibration

• Annual calibration of non-contact thermometers is recommended. Contact OPTEX FA sales for details.