All-in-one ThermometersBA Series


Measurement temperature range: 0 to 500℃
Integrated sensor / amplifier

  • First-in-class integrated digital display type
  • Built-in coaxial laser marker
  • Two types of analog output
BA Series


(Unit: mm)
  • Main unit

  • Main unit mounting bracket (Included accessory)

  • Air purge collar BA-AP1 (optional accessory)

Connection diagram

BA-30TA-S / BA-06TA-S、BA-30TV-S / BA-06TV-S

  • *1 Load resistance: 250 Ω or less (BA-30TA-S / BA-06TA-S、BA-30TV-S / BA-06TV-S only)
  • Notes regarding connections

    1. GND and analog output (–) are connected internally. Be careful not to cause a short-circuit by applying voltage mistakenly.
    2. For the meter and other products when connecting the analog output, use products with a power impedance of 100 kΩ or more. (BA-30TV-S/BA-06TV-S only)
    3. When connecting analog output from a current output type (BA-30TA-S/BA-06TA-S) to a meter or other product, connect with a load resistance of 250 Ω or less (*1).
    4. Do not connect the analog output (–) to GND or the like. Doing so will result in an error.
    5. Do not short-circuit the analog output to any other output lines.
    6. Using the same piping for parallel wiring with wiring input/ output lines, power lines, or high-voltage lines may cause malfunctions due to EMI noise. Use shielded wire or a separate metal conduit.

BA-30TC / BA-06TC

  • Notes regarding connections

    1. Use a power supply within the rated voltage range, and pay careful attention to polarity.
    2. Do not short-circuit the relay output to any other output lines.
    3. The relay output uses a photo MOS relay, so it is insulated from the circuit. The ON resistance is 2.5 Ω or less.
    4. For use in environments with strong EMI noise, countermeasures such as passing the output cord through an iron pipe are necessary.