LED Lighting Controller AdvancedOPPF Series


Increased capacity with up to 48 W in PWM mode and up to 24 W in strobe mode

  • “FALUX sensing” for monitoring brightness and temperature monitoring and for controlling feedback
  • Support for RS232, parallel, and 0 to 5 V analog input for external dimming control
OPPF Series

I/O Function List


Installation examples

Rear DIN mounting or screw mounting is possible.

    Cable connectivity

  • Master device: MIL 26-pin connector (EXT CTRL)
    Master/slave device: MIL 14-pin connector (EXT SYNC)
    [Optional cables]
    MIL socket connector harness (type with one side trimmed)

    28 AWG twisted-pair double-shielded cable
    For master device, MIL 26-pin (3 m)
    → OP-ECBF26-3
    For master/slave device, MIL 14-pin (3 m)
    → OP-ECBF14-3

    Note: Please use shielded cables in environments susceptible to noise.

  • Master/slave device: 24 VDC input (power source)
    Applicable wiring: 0.2 to 2.1 mm2, 24 to 14 AWG
    Coated strip length: 7 mm
    Upper 2-pole: 24 VDC, Lower 2-pole: 0 V
    Note: Use open terminals to pass power between units
    with 1 pole per wire.