Lighting Monitoring and Illumination Check SensorMDF Series


Automatic measurement of continuous lighting and
ON/OFF lighting control using an internal trigger

  • Clear maintenance timing of lighting
  • Reduced wiring with the possibility to link up to 8 devices
    (inter-connection types)
MDF Series

I/O Circuit Diagram

  • Connecting

    When not used for external input, cut the lead wire and wrap it individually with insulating tape, and do not connect it to any other terminal.

    Important points

    ■ When using a switching regulator for the power supply, be sure to ground the frame ground terminal.
    ■ Because wiring sensor wires with high-voltage wires or power supply wires can result in malfunctions due to noise, which can cause damage, make sure to wire separately.
    ■ Avoid using the transient state while the power is on (approx. 100 ms).

    *MDF-TSN inter-connection type slave unit does not have power supply wires (brown/blue) because power is supplied from the master unit.


Unit : mm

Amplifier unit

  • Stand-alone MDF-TN / MDF-HTN

  • Inter-connection type MDF-TMN / MDF-TSN

Fiber unit

  • M4 screw NF-MT77

  • NF-MTA02 side-view lens Receiving angle: ±10°

  • o3 cylinder NF-MT05