Lighting Monitoring and Illumination Check SensorMDF Series


Automatic measurement of continuous lighting and
ON/OFF lighting control using an internal trigger

  • Clear maintenance timing of lighting
  • Reduced wiring with the possibility to link up to 8 devices
    (inter-connection types)
MDF Series

Amplifier unit

Type Shape Output Model
Normal Stand-alone NPN MDF-TN
High-gain Stand-alone NPN MDF-HTN

Fiber unit

Type Shape Shape Bending
Model Weight [g]
M4 screw R = 2 mm NF-MT77 20
o3 cylinder NF-MT05


Type Normal High-gain
Stand-alone Master unit Slave unit Stand-alone
Measurement range (with white light source) 300 to 50,000 lx (reference values) 10 to 1,500 lx (reference values)
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC (±10%; including ripple)
Current consumption 45 mA or less / 24 V
Response time 38.4 ms (min) *The shortest integration time is used with pulse illumination.
Input settings External input setting (monitoring synchronous input, external teaching input)
Indicator/digital display Output indicator: orange / 7-segment, 8-digit display
Control output 1 NPN open collector output
100 mA / 30 V or less, Load current: 100 mA or less, Residual voltage: 1.8 V or less
Output method Light on / dark on (switchable)
Short-circuit protection Equipped
Gain settings Manual configuration
Timer function OFF, On delay timer, Off delay timer, One-shot timer
Timer time 1 to 9999 ms
Ambient temperature/humidity -25 to 55°C, 35 to 85% RH (no freezing or condensation)
Storage temperature/humidity -40 to 70°C, 35 to 85% RH (no freezing or condensation)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz; amplitude 1.5 mm; 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Protection rating IP50 (IEC 60529: 1989 / A1: 1999 + A2: 2013)
Applicable regulations EMC (2014/30/EU) / RoHS (2011/65/EU, MIIT Order No.32)
Applicable standards EN 61000-6-2: 2005 / AC: 2005, EN 61000-6-4: 2007 / A1: 2011
Material Case: PPE, Cover: PC
Weight Approximately 65 g