• iQss gets sensor monitoring and parameter configuration simply while also minimizing wiring and conserving space at the production site.

  • Remote monitoring and operation

    • When a device operating abnormality is found, it is possible to remotely confirm the receiving light level and settings of the sensors over the network.
      This allows conditions to be confirmed quickly without entering the worksite.

  • Space-saving design with reduced wiring

    • Only 2 cables, including a power supply cable and CC-Link cable, are needed, enabling time spent on wiring to be shortened. Space-saving is possible as the need for multiple sensor cables is eliminated.

  • Calculation functions

    • Up to two CD22 series devices can be connected to the CDA series.
      High-speed calculation of thickness and height differences can be performed with one amplifier unit.

  • CC-Link communication

    • By connecting a CDA series to a UC1 series communication unit, connection to a CC-Link network is possible. Use as either a CC-Link gate or as an external controller with superior operability.

  • Ideal for robot mounting

    • CD22 series models feature a smallest-in-class lightweight body, and because of their built-in amplifier, there are few limitations on installation space and wiring, meaning the sensors can be mounted on robots or on moving parts.

  • High accuracy

    • With the CD22 series, the causes of all measurement errors can be eliminated even in the case of workpieces in which highly accurate measurements were difficult thanks to “Tri-CORE” optimization technology that corrects receiving light waveforms by way of digital sub-pixel processing, a high-resolution electric shutter, and a unique algorithm.

  • Fastest high-speed response in the world

    • Optex FA’s originally developed super high-speed processor enables the fastest speed in its class at 22 μs (1-HS mode).
      Detection of over 22,000 workpieces per second is possible.

  • Next-generation specifications for sensing distance

    • In addition to the inclusion of a new processor, the synergistic effects of the high power LEDs and high efficiency condensing lens have resulted in sensing distance increases of up to 3× compared with conventional diffuse-type products, and up to 5× compared with conventional through-beam type products.
      Fiber used: NF-DH01 (Diffuse type/heat resistant 180°C)

  • Great selection of models

    More than 200 models of fiber units with options such as lenses are available to meet a wide variety of application needs.