Easy Setup Color SensorsCVSE1-RA Series


Simple & Easy Setup Color Area Sensor

  • All in one color vision sensor
  • Color resolution : 15,000 colors
  • Stable color detection by calculating hue of each pixel
CVSE1-RA Series

High performance by dedicated ASIC

Setup Adjustable while line is running

  • CVSE1-RA provides output with the setup parameters given even while you are adjusting setup. You don't have to stop the line.

  • CVSE1-RA has two processing unit individually so it can change parameters while vision processing is running without delay.

Stable inspection

It calculates color hue of each pixel that prevents miss-inspection affected by external light and brightness changes of lighting. Stable inspection is available and you can setup CVSE1-RA just like you do for photoelectric sensor.