Digital Fiber Sensor D3RF/D3IF
Digital Fiber Sensor D3WF (White LED)
Compact Laser Displacement Sensor CD22
Through-beam Edge Sensor TD1 Gateway for Sensor Amplifiers


  ● Gateway unit to connect sensors to IO-Link network
  ● Compact interface to save space and channels on IO-Link Master unit
  ● Max. 16 units of D3RF/D3WF fiber sensor amplifier or 8 units of CDA
  displacement sensor amplifier can be connected.

Sharable Device/Module Data via IO-Link Network

Data D3RF D3WF CD22*1 TD1*1 UC2
Cyclic Communication
Measurement Value*2 Read: Light amount Read: Light amount Read: Distance Read: Distance -
Output 1*2 Read Read Read*3 - -
Output 2*2 Read - Read*3 - -
Acyclic Communication
Device status Read Read Read Read Read
Measurement mode - - Read/Write Read/Write -
Threshold Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write -
Hysteresis Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write -
Calculation - - Read/Write: Mode,
Read/Write: Mode,
Averaging - - Read/Write Read/Write -
Response time /
Sampling speed
Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write -
Output mode & polarity - - Read/Write Read/Write -
Timer mode & setting Read/Write Read/Write - - Read/Write

*1 : via CDA unit
*2 : Max. combination of 13 variables and 32 control outputs of 16 modules, 14 variables and 28 control outputs of 14 modules or 16 variables of 16 modules.
*3 : per CDA unit


Model UC2-IOL
IO-Link Specification*1 Min. cycle time 2.2 ms
Transmission rate COM3 (230.4kbps)
ISDU Support Yes
IO-Link Version 1.1
Process input data byte 32 bytes
Process output data byte 0 byte
IO-Link frame type F-Sequence Type 2.V
Connectable device Connectable models D3RF/D3WF series inter-connection master and slave unit
CDA series master unit and slave unit
No. of connectable units Up to 16 units*2 (One CDA unit requires two spaces)
Indicator Power (Green) SIO: Constant, IO-Link: Blinking
Output×2 (Orange)
Rating Supply voltage SIO: 12 to 24 VDC including 10% of ripple (P-P)
IO-Link: 18 to 24 VDC including 10% of ripple (P-P)
(SELV and LIM or Class 2)*3
Current consumption 40mA Max.*4
Control output Push-Pull × 2 ch Max.100mA/24VDC (Sum of 2 ch)
Residual voltage 1.8 V Max.
External input Teaching input / Smart task input
Connection M8 4-pin male connector
Protection circuit Reverse connection protection, Overcurrent protection
Environmental resistanc Installation location Indoor use
Ambient temperature/humidity -25 to +55°C / 35 to 85% RH (no freezing or condensation)
Storage temperature/humidity -40 to +70°C / 35 to 95% RH
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5 mm; 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance 500 m/s2 (approx. 50 G), 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection IP 50 (According to IEC 60529)
Pollution degree IEC 60664-1:2007 Pd2
Operating altitude Up to 2000m above sea level
Noise resistance Feilen level 3
Applicable regulation EMC EMC directive(2014/30/EU)
Environment RoHS directive(2011/65/EU) China RoHS (Directive 32)
NRTL Certification UL Listed (in process)
Applicable standards EN 60947-5-2
Weight Approx. 16g
Material Case, protective cover: PC
Included accessory Instruction manual

*1. Index list and IODD file can be downloaded from
*2. The maximum number of connectable units varies depending on the ambient temperature.

Ambient temperature -25 to +55℃ -25 to +50℃ -25 to +45℃ -25 to +50℃ -25 to +50℃ -25 to +45℃
No. of connectable units 1 to 3 4 to 8 9 to 16 1 to 8 1 2 to 8

*3. Use a Class 2 power supply or a power supply that conforms to the SELV circuit (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) and the LIM circuit (Limited Energy Circuit).
*4. Not including control output load current.


  • Connector cables

    Model Description
    M84CN-2S Straight, M8 4-pin, 2 m
    M84CN-5S Straight, M8 4-pin, 5 m
    M84CN-10S Straight, M8 4-pin, 10 m
  • End plate

    Model Description
    BEF-EB01-W190 Delivered in 2 pieces


(Unit : mm)