CDX Series Selected as
“Smart Manufacturing Creation Support Tool”
at IoT Tool Event
The CDX series of high-accuracy laser displacement sensors was selected as a “Smart Manufacturing Creation Support Tool” at the 2nd IoT Tool Event for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises hosted by the Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI).
This event was designed with the support of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for promoting IoT in the manufacturing industry by providing details on IoT tools that can be easily adopted at low costs.
IoT-Compatible Products from Optex FA
Easy Viewing and Control of Displacement Sensor
Measurement Values and Settings via the Web
The built-in Ethernet serial interface of the CDX series makes it possible
to establish a direct connection to the Internet.
CDX series with
built-in Web server!
High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor
CDX Series
Easily Connectable, Instantly Visible —
Simple IoT with FA Sensors
CDX sensors come equipped with a Web server.
Using a web browser on a computer connected to the same network, users can instantly access viewing and control screens simply by entering the sensor’s IP address.
The CDX Seeker software is also available, allowing users to verify and configure the IP addresses of CDX series devices on a network through automatic detection.
The CDX series makes it possible not only to store measurement values for up to 100,000 points but also transmit those values individually.
This allows for continuous accumulation of displacement data.
The data can also be easily obtained in CSV format.
PCs, tablets, or other devices with Internet Explorer or Chrome web browsers can be used to monitor sensor operation and change settings from anywhere.
The internal 4ch processing system enables displacement, thickness, and speed to be monitored simultaneously.
The measurement and Ethernet serial interfaces built-in to the sensor head eliminate the need for a controller.
This also allows for fewer restrictions on installation location and cost.
Connect the Ethernet cable to a hub or router for instant internet connectivity.
The cable can also be connected to a PLC or computer Ethernet port.
Amplifier units enabling external output or analog output as well as sensor-to-sensor calculations are also available separately.
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