Discontinued and successor models of connector cables

The model and specification of some connector cables will be changed from December, 2018.
Check the specifications of new models when ordering.

Screw sizePins Connector shape Cable length Old model Color & shape   New model Color & shape Remarks
M8 4-pin Straight 2m DOL-0803-G02M YF8U13-020VA1XLEAX  
5m DOL-0803-G05M YF8U13-050VA1XLEAX
10m DOL-0803-G10M YF8U13-100VA1XLEAX
Straight 2m JCN-S M84CN-2S  
5m JCN-5S M84CN-5S
10m JCN-10S M84CN-10S
L-shaped 2m JCN-L M84CN-2L  
5m JCN-5L M84CN-5L
10m JCN-10L M84CN-10L
Straight 2m DOL-0804-G02MC YF8U14-020UA3XLEAX Oil
5m DOL-0804-G05MC YF8U14-050UA3XLEAX
10m DOL-0804-G10MC YF8U14-100UA3XLEAX
L-shaped 2m DOL-0804-W02MC YG8U14-020UA3XLEAX Oil
5m DOL-0804-W05MC YG8U14-050UA3XLEAX
10m DOL-0804-W10MC YG8U14-100UA3XLEAX
M12 4-pin Straight 2m DOL-1204-G02M YF2A14-020VB3XLEAX  
5m DOL-1204-G05M YF2A14-050VB3XLEAX
10m DOL-1204-G10M YF2A14-100VB3XLEAX
5-pin 2m DOL-1205-G02M YF2A15-020VB5XLEAX  
5m DOL-1205-G05M YF2A15-050VB5XLEAX
10m DOL-1205-G10M YF2A15-100VB5XLEAX